5 Innovative Ways to Keep Carpet Clean Between Cleanings

carpet-cleaningWe all want our carpet to be fresh and appear like new even between cleanings. More people are leaning away from having carpet in their homes because it can be such a pain to keep clean. Keeping carpet clean and fresh does not mean that you need to constantly spend intensive time and valuable money. Keeping your carpet clean is as easy as following the five steps outlined in this article. Having carpet in your home creates a homey and warm feel that hard floors can’t replicate. Don’t ditch your carpet! Here are five ways to keep your carpets clean between cleanings.

  1. Rugs

Using rugs inside and outside your home will help eliminate the dirt that could get tracked through your home while also protecting your carpet. Placing rugs inside and outside each entry to your home will remind people to wipe their feet before entering your home. Placing rugs or runners inside of your home to cover large traffic areas will protect your carpet from dirt and wear and tear. Remember to clean and replace rugs regularly, especially outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs tend to get a build-up of mud and dirt; cleaning or replacing them often will make your rugs productive.

  1. Remove Shoes and Jackets

If you have carpet directly inside of the doors in your home, you know how tedious is can be to try to keep those high traffic areas clean. People coming in from outside tend to carry dirt and oils on their shoes and even jackets. If you have a closet, invite people to remove their shoes and jackets immediately upon entering your home and place them in the closet. If you don’t have the luxury of a closet, you can introduce a DIY mud room by adding a basket or shelves for shoes and mounting hooks on the wall or investing in a free standing coat rack. “Having people remove coats and shoes upon entering your home will keep the outside elements off of your carpet,” said Carpet One Floor & Home.

  1. Don’t Use Powders

You should avoid using deodorizing powders on your carpet. Powders can linger after vacuuming and leave residue on your carpet that will age your carpet quickly. To read more about deodorizing products and how to properly use them if needed, click here. If you find that your carpet has an unpleasant odor, try using a disinfectant spray in the entire room to cut down on odors between cleanings.

  1. Keep Vacuum Clean

Doing regular maintenance and cleaning on your vacuum will increase the effectiveness of your vacuum when you clean your carpets. If you vacuum has a bag, replace the bag regularly. If you have a bagless vacuum, you should clean the filter every few months. Doing these things will increase the suction power of your vacuum and help you get you carpets more clean. Vacuuming high traffic carpet areas regularly will keep those areas clean while stopping dirt and oils from high traffic areas to travel to other carpet areas in your home.

  1. Treat Stains Immediately

Stains can be avoided by not allowing people in your home to eat or drink on carpeted areas. If a stain does occur on your carpet, your carpet can fully recover if the stain is treated directly after it occurs. It is crucial to clean stains quickly and properly. Use cold water when dealing with stains, warm water will allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the carpet. Use a stain remover to aide in removing the stain. Be sure to blot rather than rub. For more information on correctly removing stains, read here.

Keep your carpet looking clean even when it hasn’t had an official cleaning! Following these five tips will keep your carpet clean and looking like new in between cleanings. These tips will also extend the life of your carpet. Having carpet in your home creates a comfortable environment for family members and guests. Don’t ditch your carpet because you are tired of all the upkeep. Follow these easy tips and keep your carpet looking great all the time!