5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Personalize Your Coffee Mug

So who wants a plain, old, boring mug to drink out of? Nobody! Take time to dress up your mug with some personalization. This is a great opportunity to create special mugs with your family and friends too. Every time you drink your personalized coffee mug, it will put a smile on your face. You will remember your special time together creating them. Here are 5 budget-friendly ways you can personalize your coffee mug.

1. Paint and Bake

You need to use glass paint markers for this project. It will make them dishwasher safe. If you use typical permanent markers, your creative design will wash right off. After you paint on your design, read the instructions for baking your mug. After it is baked, your design is permanent on the mug. Let it cool before use.

2. Cut Out a Sweater Cozy

Take a sweater you don’t want any more, and cut out a cozy to fit around the mug. You can put liquid seam sealer on the edges to prevent the sweater from fraying. You could also mount it to a felt backing to keep its shape. You could craft it completely out of felt too. The choice is yours; sewing or gluing both work. Add a button with a loop and attach it through the handle to keep it on the mug. This will keep your coffee warmer longer. It will also prevent your hand from getting burnt on a hot mug.

3. Create Cup Jewelry

When more than one person is using the same type of mug, creating mug jewelry to identify them. This is so cute and dainty looking. String beads onto jewelry elastic and attach a charm. You may choose to use initial charms for each name in the family, or use miscellaneous charms that you like. Measure around the mug to get the right width. Slide it on and drink your coffee. You’ll never have to wonder which mug is yours again. It is the cute one! All the mugs can have cup jewelry on them and everyone will know which one belongs to who. It is the cute one!

4. Crochet a Wrap Warmer

Take time to crochet a wrap for your mug. The possibilities are endless with what kind to create. A simple sunflower with a strap would be adorable. Remember to make it snug as yarn does expand and stretch. You want a tight fit for it to stay on properly. You could also crochet a rectangle the length needed to cover around the mug, again with a latch. There is an extra benefit with crocheting a wrap warmer. When you crochet, remember that it can be washed if it ever gets dirty. Just lay it flat to dry.

5. Bake Clay onto It

Purchase some baking clay. Create a relatively flat ladybug, bird, or whatever design you like. Form the creation onto the side of the mug so the back of it is curved to fit. Lay the mug on its side in the oven and bake to the directions on the clay. Make sure your mug is able to be baked too. When done, if the clay sticks you are good to use it after it cools off. If the clay does not stick, add some glue to it. Your mug is now a three-dimensional cool conversation piece.

Making your mug one-of-a-kind can be a fun experience. Choosing which one of these creative ways to use may be hard; so just plan time to create them all! Be prepared, everyone who sees your mug will want you to create a personalized mug for them too. Happy Crafting!