5 Areas Around Your House You Can Use a Powerwasher

Powerwashers are an amazing piece of equipment that has numerous applications around the house. They’re great because they can get dirt off of many surfaces, but it’s a lot easier to clean many things with a pressure washer than it is with other methods. Scrubbing is labor intensive and not always the most effective. Chemicals are not always the best for environment or your health, but pressure washers only use the force of the water to get off dirt from many surfaces, even if that dirt has been there for a long time. There are numerous applications such as concrete, but here are a few places around the home that you maybe haven’t thought to use a pressure washer.

1. Outside Fence

We usually think of powerwashing concrete, and they are great for that, but fences can be cleaned much more quickly with a powerwasher than by scrubbing each post by hand. During a hard rain, mud can splatter up on a white picket fence. It’s not that difficult to scrub off it you get to it right away, but it takes a long time. With just a quick couple of sprays, you can get most dirt off. Also, if the fence is looking dingy, long-standing dirt might be to blame. Powerwashers are great for tacking this type of job.

2. Exterior Siding or Brick

Aside from using it on concrete sidewalks, driveways, and stoops, the side of the house is probably the second most often-used places around the house that a pressure washer is used. Like vinyl fences, vinyl siding can also become dirty during a storm or just because of build-up from dust in the air. Brick walls can also become dingy over a couple of years. A powerwasher is absolutely the easiest way to get dirt off of brick. Pressure washers are also great for garage doors, especially birds and other animals leave their marks.

3. Where Insects Have Nested

The exact location can vary, but insects such as spiders and bees often make their homes near the soffit or in other bends of a home. They’re also, often, in hard-to-reach places. Insects such as hornets will need to be killed or dispersed in some other way first, but it’s very possible to knock down the nest itself with a powerwasher. For spider webs in hard-to-reach places, it’s especially easy to use a pressure washer. After even a couple of seasons, spider webs can begin to accumulate. Pressure washers are a great way to easily get rid of them.

4. Patio Furniture

Unlike indoor furniture, patio and deck furniture was designed to be able to withstand water and dry quickly. You can use a powerwasher on the entire piece of furniture. Metal or plastic legs on a table or chair can be sprayed down and will dry within an hour or even less. You can even spray the cushions and pillows if they have leaves or dirt on them. They’ll take a little while to dry, but not even that long. Just let them dry in the sun when you are done.

5. Outdoor Equipment

There are many types of outdoor equipment that you can use a pressure washer on. For instance, try using it on your lawn mower, which can become covered in grass clippings and dirt. You can spray off the deck of the lawn mower, and you can even get the blade underneath. The same goes for the weed whacker, string trimmer, or anything else that becomes dirty with foliage. If you want to try out the effectiveness of your powerwasher, try it on something like your grill. There might be some grease that you will need to manually remove, but the powerwasher will make a vast improvement. While you’re at it, you can also try it on your garbage can.

Powerwashers aren’t just any old tool, they’re fun because you get to see huge savings in your time and labor.