5 Alternatives to Selling Your House the Traditional Way

Selling a home on your terms when you are good and ready can be a challenge. The good news is that it is entirely possible if you are willing to operate “outside of the box.” Employing some creative selling techniques can make all the difference in waiting for months to finally close on your home or selling your home in weeks. The number of unique ways you can market your homes is limited only by your imagination. Below are a few interesting ways to push the limits of traditional home selling strategies.

Use Creative Descriptions

Most real estate signs are very basic and certainly not funny enough to evoke a second glance or comment. While a funny sign might not be enough to necessarily sell your home, it will garner you a little more attention. Being memorable is definitely worth something as any weary homebuyer can attest to after looking at a number of houses that quickly start blurring together as hard to remember in a sea of similar homes. The house with the funny sign will definitely stand out from the rest of the homes, which will make it more likely to sell.

CBS News published an article featuring funny and unique descriptions. One realtor with a sense of humor put up a sign reading, Reduced, But Not Stupid or Desperate on his For Sale Sign. This sign will definitely be remembered and with luck, could get some extra media attention or go viral online if posted online by friends.

Use Social Media

Online businesses have been using social media for years as a proven way to promote their products and services. There is no reason that you can’t sell your home using this same tactic. CBS News published an example where a Canadian family posted on Facebook about offering a cash reward of $1000 for anyone who finds them a home buyer.

There are many social media platforms that can be used for this purpose. Some of the more popular platforms are Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, to name a few. It is all about connecting with others.

Sell an All-Cash Deal

According to the Chicago Tribune, selling a home at a reduced price for “all cash” is a tried and true method for attracting buyers. Typically this type of sales approach is about a desperate seller seeking to unload a property in a distressed situation. One strategy that can be used by sellers is to cut out the real estate agent and give buyers a price break.

Selling a home on your own can reduce the price a whopping six to seven percent which can make your home much more attractive than other homes. If you want to sell your home as a “for sale by owner” property, you can offer prospective buyers a deal. While real estate agents act as if their service are necessary for selling a home, this presumption is simply untrue in the era of social media. Particularly in a seller’s market, selling a home on your own is entirely possible.

Use Video to Make Your Case

Videos get people’s attention. ABC News reports that many people have sold their home on YouTube or Vimeo by making an attractive video. You can get your friends and family members to act as advocates by sharing your video. It’s amazing how many people you can reach once you start sending a video out.

Stage the House for some Media Hype and Extra Attention

If you stage a house in an interesting way that features a famous movie or scene from a popular movie, you might get the attention you need to send those images viral. This idea works particularly well for older homes that can be showcased as sets for period pieces. Use whatever it takes to get some extra attention. Retro can be big.

Creativity can pay off big if you’re willing to go rogue and be different. Real estate agents are expensive. Selling your house on your own can be the ticket to selling fast for an acceptable price.