4 Simple Reasons to Make Sure a Parking Lot’s Lights are Lit

If you’re a business owner, you spend serious time thinking about your business and its success. How can you make your business grow? What can you do to make your customers happier and provide a more comprehensive service or product? How can you improve relationships with your team and your clientele? There are many questions you ask yourself every single day when you run a business, but you probably ask yourself very little about how you can improve the parking situation unless it’s a major problem. Unless your parking lot is across a major highway and your customers struggle to even get into the building, you probably don’t give much thought to it, but it’s time to change that.

Your parking lot has lights, and those lights are something you need to focus on more than you realize. The lighting in your parking lot might not seem like much to you, but it’s everything to someone else. You can improve the overall quality of service your clients and customers receive when you update the light in your parking lot. It’s time to make sure the lights are bright, bold, and well-lit at all times. It’s for your own safety, and it’s for the safety of anyone who parks there.

1- Your Own Protection

You might not think your parking lot is that important, but it’s considered a public space and you could be held responsible if something happens in the parking lot. Say a customer is hit by another driver in the parking lot at night. They might try to say their visibility was limited when they were driving through your dark and dimly lit lot, and that’s a factor in the accident. This could mean you and your business are named a third party in any lawsuit.

Your insurance company might become involved, you might have to pay for damages, and you might even be held partially responsible. It’s not something you want to deal with, so it’s time to get the lights on and make them bright. Don’t give anyone any reason to blame you for their driving.

2- The Protection of Your Customers

Your customers deserve protection if you have hours that bring them in or out in the dark. You want the parking lot well-lit so they feel safer, so there is less chance they are trapped in the dark, and so it’s easier for others to see them and realize something is going on if there is an attack or an accident. A well-lit parking lot is one that’s less likely to become a target for robbers, attackers, and other criminals.

3- Insurance Purposes

Did you know your insurance rates could go up at your business if something happens in your parking lot? It’s time to light the lights and reduce the risk of accidents occurring. If one person is involved in an accident and names your lot as a third party, you might see your rates spike, and it’s not affordable for any business owner to pay this much insurance. Lighting your parking lot adequately can significantly reduce accidents and keep your insurance rates low.

4- Reduces Danger

Danger lurks in dark places, whether it’s someone with ill intent waiting in a dark lot to rob someone, steal their car, or even attack them or a hole in the parking lot someone might trip over and fall. Those things are dangerous, and you could become liable for the things that go wrong in your dark lot. It’s time to minimize your risk of being involved in any lawsuit or other issue by adding appropriate lighting and making your parking lot as bright and light as possible.

Owning a business is a beautiful thing, but it’s a lot if you’re not thinking outside the doors of the business. Your parking lot is a private lot but a public space, if that makes any sense. Your best bet is to light it up and make sure it’s not a sitting target for things to go wrong. All it takes is one lawsuit to make your business finances fall apart and your life change forever.