4 Reasons to Use Wristbands to Promote Your Business

The average cost of a national television advertising campaign is around $342,000 for an ad that runs for just 30 seconds, and even a direct mail campaign can cost you $50 or more per person. That is why so many business owners look for cheaper and more affordable ways to reach prospective customers. One of the best promotional tools available to you might be wristbands. Made from various materials, these wristbands are suitable for customers of all ages and come with some great benefits.

1- Low Cost to You

With advertising costs so high, it’s important that you find ways to market your business without going over your budget. Running a single ad on television can cost more than you wanted to spend in a single year. These simple wristbands serve as an alternative to traditional advertising campaigns that will work with any budget. Depending on who you buy from, you may pay as little as just a few dollars per band or even less. Every time that one of your customers walks down the street with a band on his or her wrist, it’s free advertising for you. Buying in bulk can help you save even more. Young claims that you can buy in bulk for much less than you expected to spend.

2- Lots of Options

You might avoid using wristbands because you think other advertising and marketing options are better for your business and for your bottom line. Don’t assume that all wristbands look exactly the same now. Companies now offer bands in a number of different colors as well as bands made from different materials. The most common option is a silicone wristband. Silicone is a durable material that will retain its bright color for years to come. If you want to save a little on the total costs that you face, you might opt for bands made from a cheaper form of rubber or even plastic. Appeal to the high-end customer market with wristbands made from leather or a material that looks like leather. These wristbands look more like bracelets and will appeal to customers with deeper pockets.

3- Differentiate Between Groups

“One of the best reasons to invest in wristbands is to differentiate between different groups,” said PopWristbands. Many festival and event organizers use wristbands to identify very important people and those who need more attention. When you host a special event, you can give wristbands in one color to your most important customers and wristbands in a different color to the general public. As your employees walk through the crowd, they can quickly see who they should focus on, which will make those important customers feel even more important. You can even use those wristbands during promotions to differentiate between your customers and employees.

4- Built-in Features

As you look over all your options for promotional wristbands, look for those that come with features you can build in later. A great example is a wristband with a bar code printed on the bottom. When your customers scan that bar code at the register, they receive a percentage off their entire orders. You might assign different bar codes and hand out wristbands at random during a special event at your store. Customers won’t know how much they’ll save until they walk up to the register. Another simple idea you can use is a number written inside each wristband. Hold a drawing and give away prizes to customers who came out for the event. The numbers you draw correspond to those written on the wristbands. Customers will love getting free gifts and prizes, even if it’s something as simple as a 10% off discount or a coupon for a future visit.

Not all marketing campaigns cost thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether you just launched your company, or you want to find a way to appeal to customers without spending a lot of money, consider buying wristbands branded with your company’s name. These wristbands will let your customers know that you went the extra mile to appeal to them and will make them smile each time they look down at their wrists. The benefits associated with wristbands may leave you choosing wristbands over other promotional items.