4 Model Cars that Have Gained Value Over Time

model-carIn general, most cars definitely depreciate in value over time beginning from when you first drive one off the lot. In fact, depreciation of a car’s value can happen so quickly that it will deter some people from buying a particular car model that is not known to hold resale value. This is especially true if the owner is planning on trading in the car or selling it in a few years to purchase something newer. Even if you do everything you can to maintain a car in great condition, it can still end up depreciating in value much more quickly than you would like to see.

However, the story for some classic cars is a bit different. There are some specific models of classic cars that literally break the mold and are expected to appreciate in value the longer that you own them. Of course, this assumes that you maintain the classic car in great condition and that it does not have any damage. Repair and maintenance costs are not to be taken lightly for older cars because the parts are that much more difficult to find. Also, if you are not an experienced mechanic yourself, you will need to find a place that you can take your classic car for the necessary repairs because not all auto repair shops are equipped to handle this kind of work.

1. DeLorean DMC 12
You might recognize this unique car from the “Back to the Future” movie franchise. The DeLorean company only ever manufactured this particular model which makes it very rare as far as classic cars go. You may be able to find this car for as little as $30,000, but that would be a steal on the market today. While there is not much to speak of in terms of technical or mechanical details for this car, it is instantly recognizable even to those who are not classic car fanatics. It will remain a worthy investment for years to come because it is only expected to get more exclusive.

2. 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
GM built this classic car after years of developing previous models. It was marketed as a sports car and was considered fairly quick and agile for its day. Even though earlier versions of this car received less than positive reviews, this particular year and model were a significant improvement from prior iterations. It has come to be recognized as a worthwhile investment in a classic car because it has withstood the test of time so far. According to Rui Yong Hobby, collectors of this model estimate that the value will continue to increase in the future, which makes the 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT a smart investment for anyone looking to purchase a model car that will increase in value over time.

3. Ford Capri Mk1 RS3100
This car was produced by Ford for about 18 years and was marketed as a sporty, yet affordable option back in the day. However, there came to be a stigma about this model because it was often touted as a more affordable version of a real Corvette or an Astin Martin. It lost its status symbol very quickly, but it has recently regained its glory as a fun classic car. Prices still tend to be affordable, but they are projected to increase in the very near future. The maintenance costs for this model are fairly reasonable and make it a good choice for a newer collector who may not have as much time and money to devote to the constant upkeep of a classic car.

4. VW Corrado
This car is often heralded by VW lovers as the best model that VW ever designed and manufactured. It is known for its rugged reliability and reasonable maintenance requirements. It never really caught on back in its day, so there are not many models available on the market today. Prices are expected to climb as this car becomes even more hard to find.