4 Interesting Things to Know About Urinary Incontinence in Men

Urinary incontinence is a condition where one loses control of the bladder leading to the accidental release of urine from the body. At times, this may happen unknowingly. Below are some of the facts about UI that you have never known:

1- Urinary incontinence is not a disease.

This condition is not a disease as many people would want to believe. It is associated with problems with the urinary tract for males. This may happen in situations where the bladder is squeezed too hard, or it presses at the wrong time. When you have not emptied the bladder for a long time, you store a lot of urine in your bladder, so the urine fills the bladder and urine are released even when you are not ready. When the urethra muscles are damaged or weak, so you don’t have to assume that your bladder has squeezed at the wrong time when probably you have damaged urethra muscles and also when something is blocking the urethra, it can cause leaking of urine at unexpected times which can turn to be embarrassing. This condition can be treated and stop. You just have to talk to your doctor, and he will find a cure for it.

2- Drinking alcohol can worsen your condition.

This provides an answer to why many drunk men urinate on themselves. Taking too much alcohol until you are unable to get yourself to the bathroom may result in a condition known as functional incontinence. Not that your urethra muscles are damaged, or your bladder is too small, but the fact that you are not sober to get to the bathroom early enough and at times you even pass out even before getting to the bathroom. Taking over-the-counter drugs such as narcotics or antidepressants can also result in urinary incontinence. Taking sedatives, diet medicines and also non-prescribed cold drugs can cause you to develop this condition. Always seek medical advice before taking any drugs or going on a diet.

3- This condition is more popular to older men than in young men.

At an early stage, men have more control over their urinary processes, unlike girls. As they grow older cards change and men at an older age experience urinary continence in more cases than women. This is because of the anatomical differences between men and women and the changes that are caused by pregnancy and child birth. This condition increases with age when it comes to men. This is because; older men have a higher chance of developing prostrate problems. Though many old men develop this condition, age is not a causing factor for urinary incontinence.

4- Kegel exercises can treat urinary incontinences.

Many men ought to think that Kegel exercises are for women alone. Little do they know that this kind of exercise is the best recommended when it comes to treating UI. The pelvic muscles support the bladder. When your pelvic muscles are weak, you are more likely to be affected by this condition. Kegel exercises strengthen these pelvic muscles. There is no specific age or gender to have these practices, as long as you have leaks, you can do Kegels. Kegel exercises are also advantageous to those who have overacting bladders. You know you have overacting bladder when you fell frequent sudden urges to pee. All you have to do is when you are urinating, pretend like you are preventing to pee. Pull in the urine and squeeze the muscles for about ten seconds. You can try these exercises for about three to four sets in a day till you see changes in your condition, whether urinary incontinence or frequent urges to pee. This frequent urges to pee suddenly are called urges incontinence. When you see the Kegel exercises are not working for you, it would be better for you to seek medical advice from your doctor. Only a few cases of urinary incontinence will require surgery.

In conclusion, there are facts that you never knew about urinary incontinence. UI is not a disease but a condition that affects the urethra and the bladder, and it can be controlled. Avoiding alcohol, caffeinated drinks and over- the counter drugs can improve the condition if you have UI or better still, it can serve as a preventive measure. Kegel exercises are not for women alone but also for those who have UI and also, older men have higher chances of having UI.