4 Great Cigar Choices for a Beginner Smoker


For an absolute beginner, choosing a first cigar can be a difficult task. There are literally thousands of cigars to choose from nowadays, and whatever brand you try first will leave a lasting impression on how you feel about cigar smoking. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your first cigar will either turn you on or turn you off to cigars. If you are serious about getting into cigar smoking, this article will give you a few ideas for which brands to try first off. These brands are all high quality, yet not too intense. “If you choose any of these blends, you will get an authentic experience of what cigar smoking is all about, and then you can determine if this hobby is right for you,” said Cheap Little Cigars.

  1. Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Connecticut

This cigar is very mild, so it is perfect for a beginner. Many people enjoy this cigar with a little bit of coffee on the side. In terms of flavor, you can expect to taste notes of wood, cream, and spice. The main tobacco leaves in this brew come from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. What is distinctive about this blend, and what gives it its name, is that the tobacco leaves are wrapped around a Connecticut leaf that has been aged for about seven years. Since this company offers a great selection of cigar sizes, just go for a smaller sized cigar to start off with. If you like the taste, you can always increase the size of the cigar, or seek out a more intense brew at a later date.

  1. Macanudo Hyde Park Café

If you are looking for a cigar that is a bit more popular, you should look for flavors put out by Macanudo. Macanudo has been in business since 1968, and their Hyde Park Café blend made them one of the most sought after premium blends in the USA. This particular blend is very mild, and is full of wonderful exotic textures. People smoking this cigar will taste herbs, cashews, and even almonds. This cigar’s filler is from both the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

  1. Gispert

These cigars were originally made in Cuba, but most US smokers will only be able to get their hands on the blend made in Honduras right now. Of course, with the easing of relations between the US and Cuba, that may change sometime soon. But in the meantime, this Honduras blend by Gispert is a wonderful treat for a beginning cigar enthusiast. Most people describe this blend as having a very earthy and velvety flavor. Some people notice the distinctive taste of wood and leather as they puff this blend. This is a very easy cigar to smoke, and it has a very soothing odor.

  1. Tatuaje Tattoo

Perhaps one of the finest cigars to start off with is Tatuaje Tattoo. This cigar has it all. It has consistently won critic’s choice awards, it has a great sweet flavor, experienced smokers still enjoy it, and it is very affordable. When this blend was released in 2011 in a limited edition, it immediately got the attention of all smokers around the world. This blend is made by the My Father factory out of Nicaragua and is covered with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Here you will taste rich notes of cocoa, pepper, and leather. You should be aware, however, that this blend is a little bit stronger than the other cigars listed above.

These four blends may have different flavor variations, but they are all great options for a serious cigar beginner. Just be sure to take your time. Don’t rush into smoking a strong full-bodied cigar before you can handle it. Allow your palate to acclimate to all of these cigars, and soon you too will be able to savor the strongest and most complex flavors like the pros.