4 Facts to Help Decide if Invisalign Braces Are Right for You

invisalignIf you have dental problems that you suspect wearing Invisalign braces can help you fix, then you may have not yet scheduled an appointment with an orthodontist to obtain the devices due questions you have about them.

While your orthodontist can answer any additional questions you have about Invisalign, read on to learn four facts to help you decide if Invisalign braces are right for you to.

1. Invisalign Braces are BPA-free
If you are like many people today, you work hard to keep your body healthy by avoiding exposure to any unnecessary harmful chemicals. Due to the fact that BPA is a chemical contained in many plastics that has been shown in studies to be a potential endcrine-disruptor when you are exposed to too much of it, you may wonder if Invisalign contains BPA.

Dudley Smiles said, “Rest assured that Invisalign braces are completley BPA-free and made out of medical grade polyurethane resin.” This material is completely safe for not only your teeth, but also your body.

2. Invisalign Braces are Pregnancy-Safe
If you are in the process of attempting to conceive a child with your partner or have already heard the news that you are expecting a child, then congratulations! If you are trying to conceive and want to welcome your new child with newly straight teeth, then there is no reason you should put off getting your Invisalign braces until after the baby is born.

If you have already heard the news that a baby is on the way, then you should wait until your second trimester to obtain any dental x-rays needed before your Invisalign braces are designed for you. Dental and medical professionals advise every pregnant woman to avoid x-rays of any type during their first trimester due to the slight possibility of the very tiny amount of radiation a person is exposed to when obtaining any x-ray.

However, once you are in your fourth month of pregnancy and your fetus has already developed, your orthodontist can then take the x-rays needed to design your Invisalign trays and help you get started on straightening your smile.

You can then be happy with how your smile looks in all of those photos of you and your new baby!

3. Invisalign Attachments Enable Treatment of More Severe Dental Problems
If you have dental problems that you just cannot imagine being repaired with two clear teeth aligners, then you may not realize that there are Invisalign attachments that your orthodontist can use to help you get a great result from your Invisalign devices.

One attachment is called a “button,” and this is a small dot of tooth-colored dental bonding material that is attached to your tooth. This button works together with the Invisalign try to help rotate a more severely crooked tooth.

If you have an overbite, then you may think that Invisalign is not right for you, because you know that elastic bands are often needed to correct many bite issues. While these bands are attached right to traditional braces to correct bite problems, they can still be used during Invisalign treatment.

However, the bands are not connected to the Invisalign trays, but instead to buttons that are placed on your teeth in strategic positions to provide anchors for dental elastics that stretch from your top teeth to your bottom teeth.

4. Invisalign Express Can Straighten Some Smiles in Just Six Months
If you have a friend or family member who wore traditional braces in the past, then you may have heard that they wore them for up to two years or even longer. This may leave you hesitant to look into any orthodontic treatment, because you think that you will have to wear traditional braces or Invisalign braces for a long time.

However, not everyone needs to wear Invisalign or traditional braces for that long. How long you need to wear a teeth-straitening appliance greatly depends on the specific dental problems you have and how severe they are.

If your dental problems are minor, then your orthodontist may recommend Invisalign Express. While you wear the traditional Invisalign braces during this treatment, you only wear them for six months.

If you are not happy with your smile due to a few crooked teeth or other dental problems, then you may be intrigued by Invisalign braces, but just have some questions about them you want answered before you reach out to an orthodontist. Hopefully, these four facts about Invisalign braces helped answer some of your questions, but if you have others, don’t be afraid to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist to get answers to your other questions and find out if Invisalign braces are right for you.