3 Tips for buying treats for your Pets while on a Budget

pet-treatsMany people are looking to save some money not just on pet food but also on pet treats. Fortunately, pet stores and pet food manufacturers are your allies when it comes to saving money on their products. Here are three simple techniques to save on pet treats that are easy to follow.

1. Enroll in loyalty programs.
The first thing you want to do to save money on pet treats is to sign up for your favorite pet store’s loyalty card program. Many of the larger pet stores have loyalty card programs, meaning that you can go to a variety of their locations and garner points. Petsmart has the “Pet Perks” program and Petco has a program called “Petco Pals”. These loyalty programs give you special coupons and sales. They place you on their mailing list and will contact you when they have a special promotion upcoming. This is helpful for planning your pet treat shopping as you can plan your shopping trips to strategically coincide with one of these sales. Some people think that pet store loyalty programs are a pain in the neck, so you might need to shop around before you find one that works for you.

2. Use coupons, rebates and price matching to your advantage.
To help further ensure their loyal customers are getting the best prices, some retailers like Petsmart will price match their competitors. They won’t price match online competitors, but it’s a good tactic to use if you have other pet stores in your area. Some pet stores will also take a competitor’s coupon. Even if they won’t do that in every store, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Every little bit helps when you’re trying to save some money off your pet treat receipt.

Pretty much every dog food manufacturer will offer coupons. You can find these by visiting the company’s website or Facebook page. Pet stores will take a manufacturer coupon for pet food and dog treats just as they will take their own store’s coupons. It might be harder to keep track of these, so make sure that you are following their Facebook page and make sure you sign up for their email newsletter on their website.

One benefit of being on a pet food manufacturer’s mailing list is that they will notify you if they have any rebates coming out. CouponCabin said, “Not only can you get money back through rebates, but many pet food companies also have loyalty programs.” If you buy a certain amount of product from these companies (packages of dog treats, bags of dog food), you’ll get your next one free. For example, you might get your thirteenth chew toy free when you buy twelve.

3. Don’t just shop at local pet stores.
Check for dog treats at wholesale stores where you already shop. These warehouse stores, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, won’t have the same selection as a dedicated pet store. But the savings will be worth it if you can find the appropriate snacks there. If you have a membership to any these types of stores, it’s a great opportunity to see if you can get a better deal compared to a local pet store.

Don’t forget about online retailers in your quest for the cheapest pet treats. Amazon generally has cheaper prices compared to local stores. Amazon Prime members get free savings, and their “Subscribe and Save” program helps you save even more money by sending you your product every month. Look into online price deals especially if you’re too busy to make trips to local stores.

Don’t forget to buy treats according to your dog’s needs.
Dogs’ energy levels will change throughout their lifespan, so make sure you’re giving them the appropriate treats and toys for their age. For example, a young puppy might be fixated on biting everything in sight. More durable bones made from nylon might be more appropriate for your dog at this stage than other forms of toys. It can be frustrating if your dog is ruining the curtains or chewing on shoes, but that may also be a sign that your dog is not getting enough exercise. Try to keep your dog busy by taking him for walks every day.