3 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

In today’s era of Instagram, Snapchat, and countless mobile applications that can edit photos and apply gorgeous filters, one can easily overlook the need for photo booths in events. However, even with digital advancements, research shows that these seemingly old machines are being widely used for both corporate and social events. Unlike a camera phone with digital pictures, a photo booth provides instant hard copies which allow individuals to preserve great memories. Not sure whether you need to rent a photo booth for your next event? Here are some three valid reasons why this old-school machine can be a great addition to your party.

1- Everyone Can Have a Photo Taken

As most people organize an event, they also hire a professional photographer. While your photographer will capture pictures of the event, they may not have the time to take individual or group photos of your friends. This is particularly true if you have organized a large party. This leaves the guests to vie for his attention or take pictures using their camera phones. However, with a photo booth, everyone gets an opportunity to have their picture taken, whether individually or with their friends.

Guests can line at the kiosk and get photos without having to chase around the photographer. As they queue, they also get to interact and make meaningful connections. A photo booth leaves all your guests satisfied and probably with new friends, clients, or business partners.

2- Provides Non-stop Entertainment

Are you looking for ideas to add life to your party besides the usual band or performances? If so, renting a photo booth is a great way to provide non-stop entertainment throughout the event. You may have noted that most people who visit the kiosks will want to take goofy photos with their friends and loved ones. These are things that one wouldn’t probably do when taking professional photos with a photographer out in the open where everyone can see. The booth comes with all kinds of props and guests of all ages can have fun and let loose. As an event planner or host, you won’t have to keep checking or worrying about whether the guests are enjoying themselves.

3- Markets your Business

Photo booths are not just tools for allowing your guests to have a fun time and take pictures. They can also be a great marketing tool to sell your brand or product. Unlike the traditional machines, today’s booths come with a technology that allows photo recipients to access the photos later so that they can share them via email or social media. You can take advantage of this feature and add your company logo or brand to each of the photos that will be sent out to social media. This can create incredible buzz around your products, increase your business visibility on the web, and attract new clients to your enterprise.

Take advantage of this effective marketing tool when hosting both social and corporate event. However, ensure that you strategically place your logo or business information on the photo to ensure that it does not come off as obstructive. You can also inform your guests that you will be doing this and encourage them to share photos online, particularly if you are hosting a business-oriented party.

Photo booths add variety and life to an event. Don’t overlook them because they seem old-fashioned. You will be surprised at how much people will be excited about taking photos to create tangible memory books. As you rent a photo booth for your event, ensure that it comes with advanced features. Get one with a technology that allows attendees to share their photos with their friends at the party or on social media. Also, choose a custom background and graphics that reflect the kind of event that you are hosting.