3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Right for Your Business

Email marketing has made tremendous headways in the recent past. It has become an effective tool for business to connect with existing and potential customers. Statistics show that over 34% of the global population use emails which is an approximately 2.8 billion people. The trend is expended to grow to 40% over the next two years. Statistics also show that over 196 billion emails are sent in a day, and over 105 billion of these emails are business related. It is undeniably that email is a powerful, vibrant tool that connects people globally. Emails, tend to be personal especially the personalized ones. Businesses are leveraging this power by customizing the emails they send such that the information shared is relevant and the customers can resonate with. Important and useful information regarding your company changes, new product listings, customer requests, complaints, and feedback can all be communicated via email. Here are some reasons email marketing is a good fit for your business.

Ability to reach mobile customers

Email provides an easy, simple and true avenue through which you can reach your mobile customers. You do not have to invest in expensive technology or software. According to Pew Research Center survey, over 52% of the US smartphone users access their emails from their smartphones. It shows that when using email to reach to your customers, which double up as a mobile marketing tool. An email also offers you greater space content than any other advertising medium. Although you do not have to bombard your customers with tons of information, you can effectively communicate everything you need to communicate in one email. With the use of mobile phones having increased tremendously, you can expect to reach a wider audience. According to Forrester Research report over 42% of retailers’ email sent to consumers were opened on mobile phone devices. You, therefore, cannot afford to miss out on this double marketing too.

Easily customizable and high compatibility

Email delivery is highly versatile. Depending on the information you intend to convey, the skill of the email drafter, the depth of your customer database, your email marketing can be simple or highly sophisticated. You can customize every email to include the recipient’s name and other important customer identification information hence personalizing it. Other than that you can integrate it with other marketing options with amazing results. Most online retailers prefer using email marketing due to their high integration capabilities. Other marketing tactics cannot offer the level customization and integratability that email marketing offers. It, therefore, makes it a good fit for businesses especially the small ones who must maintain the notion that they connect with their customers at a personal level. Consumers have also been known to react positively to emails that are personalized and address their interests directly.

Relatively less expensive

Unlike other marketing tactics, email marketing is easy, highly effective and inexpensive. Most emailing companies charge pennies to send emails to large audiences. It, therefore, makes it a good fit for small businesses that have low budgets to work with. Compared to traditional advertising avenues such as television or radio adverts, email marketing is almost free. Creating a mailing list is also easy because you just invite your existing and potential customers to subscribe to your mailing list; therefore your recipients are people who have made their choice to receive updates from you. You do this at little to no cost at all. If you are running a website, you have a free mailing tool that you can customize to include your letterhead, logo, address, and signature. You will not pay a penny to use this tool. If that does not work for you or does not need your consumer needs, you can purchase mailing services where you can create, customize, send, track and analyze the reach and conversion rate. Most of these services are very affordable even for small businesses.


Email marketing has grown in size, sophistication, usability, and results-delivery. It is easy to start using email marketing, so there is no excuse for business owners not to tap into this proven tool and help take their businesses to the next level. However, business owners can be pressed for time and lack time to engage with their customers. All is not lost because any marketing professional can handle and engage clients via email. There is absolutely no excuse not to use this tool.