3 Reasons to Improve your Business Phone System

Most businesses still regard phone calls as integral communication channels over computers, fax machines and emails, even with the advancements in technology. Telephone communication is considered the fastest means of communication that enables businesses to disseminate information to their clients, stakeholders, vendors and generate leads for prospects. After all, you change your computers or fax machines once every few years. So, why keep using a telephone that was considered to be average in the early 90s when you can simply upgrade your system affordable.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a core aspect of any business regardless of its location. Even with well-trained customer care reps, using an outdated or bad phone system can inhibit the success levels of your customer service. A functional phone system that is upgraded regularly will boost customer service and keep your customers happy at all times. Advanced phone systems enable tech-savvy businesses to integrate their CRM systems with a cloud-based telephone network.

Unfortunately, most small business owners overlook the significance of cloud-based phone systems by claiming that their businesses are too small and perhaps don’t even need such an advanced service. Embracing technology-based solutions and modernized equipment is one way of staying ahead of the competition because customers want to associate with businesses that seem focused on a better future. Here are three vital reasons why you should invest in an improved phone system for your business.

1- Automatic call forwarding

A big percentage of potential customers bail out of a transaction due to poor customer service. Most people are likely to talk about negative experiences than positive ones. It will take your business about ten positive experiences to negate one negative review. Therefore, it’s paramount to invest in a VoIP business phone system that is integrated with your CRM so as to keep your customers satisfied with customer support services. The automatic call forwarding feature will enable you to keep your customers there with you on the phone. The function enables you to forward several numbers or divert multiple calls without losing an unsatisfied customer. This is very important for businesses that operate during unsocial hours because it allows you to set something in place for calls that are processed during these hours.

2- Auto Attendant

The auto attendant capabilities of upgraded business phone systems will greet and direct customers to the relevant departments that will help them sort out their various issues. It happens whenever you call businesses such as big hotels, airports, banks and network service providers where you hear an auto-attendant asking you to press certain keypads on your phone in order to access specific services. These phone systems are good even for small businesses that don’t have enough space to accommodate reception desks. They are good for creating a first professional impression to potential clients or business partners.

3- Conference calling

Your business can benefit greatly from this feature by communicating with various board members, customers, partners or vendors spread across different locations. In today’s fast-paced world that is virtual, you can cut down on transportation costs and save a lot of time by holding meetings through conference calls. A small business enterprise can effectively compete with a cloud-based business phone system from anywhere in the world. You can invest in a simple PC or a softphone app with tables for conducting meeting. Modern tabletops that have high clarity speakers and microphones can be used in such instances to conduct meetings and eliminate the expensive traveling costs of business meetings. Listening back to several business messages left on voicemail can be very hectic. But with an advanced voicemail system that transcribes messages into text you can read all your business messages in your email box.