3 Medical Conditions That Marijuana Helps

medical-marijuanaThe debate for the legalization of marijuana is based on pure fact. There are many medical conditions that are helped through the potent properties of this herb. Some argue that we use opiates, penicillin, and other herbal based products to treat medical problems, and it’s not such a far stretch to use cannabis for medicinal purposes too. The argument is that people use “pot,” as a drug, to get high. The same could be said for opiates too. According to Native Roots Dispensary, the fact of the matter is that marijuana, when used strictly for medical purposes, has a lower THC level. That means that people don’t get high as much as they are helped. So, what conditions benefit the most from this drug?

Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s’ Disease is a condition that affects the elderly. However, even Michael J. Fox developed the condition in his late 20’s. This neurological medical condition is caused by a low level of dopamine in the brain. The lack of dopamine causes tremors, forgetfulness, slow gait, muscular issues, and a plethora of other issues. Many people suffering from this condition also develop dementia.

The most common form of treatment for this condition is to use dopamine antagonists. By raising the levels of dopamine in the brain, patients can feel some relief. Consequently, these same medications that help for many years, often bring with them their own sense of problems. Dyskinesia is a problem that occurs after being on Parkinson’s medications for a long period. This condition causes random jerking and involuntary muscle spasm. Adding dyskinesia on top of Parkinson’s makes for a miserable life.

Marijuana can make a world of difference to those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It stops the tremors within minutes. Many report having clarity in their thinking and being able to do things they normally would never be able to. Why wouldn’t someone want to take something that has no side effects versus something that will cause them more harm in the end?

Multiple Sclerosis
Montel Williams has been a longtime supporter of marijuana to treat MS. MS is a neurological condition that offers no cures. This debilitating disease affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal column. It causes paralysis, dementia, the inability to walk, coordination issues, and psychiatric concerns. Because it affects the optic nerves in the eyes, many MS patients lose their sight. The key with MS is to manage the symptoms. Many turn to corticosteroids, given intravenously to reduce the pressure on the spinal column. However, these drugs come with greater side effects. Some may become immune and unable to feel any effects after an extended period. Thus, using marijuana has become quite popular among those suffering from MS. Marijuana reduces muscle spasm and the rigidity that comes along with this condition. Since many people with MS suffer from psychiatric conditions, marijuana can help with anxiety, and bring a peaceful calm to anyone suffering. Many find the effects of this herb welcoming when considering the side effects of the corticosteroids.

Mental Illness
Ask anyone who suffers from mental illness and they will tell you all about the medications to combat these problems. Those who are schizophrenic, bipolar, and have personality disorders, are often given anti-psychotic prescription drugs. Some say that these medications don’t help, they just put the patient to sleep. The sedative nature of these pills makes it impossible for many to work or function normally. Roseanne Barr made her public declaration that she uses marijuana to combat her anxiety and multiple personality disorder. As a victim of horrific crimes in her youth, she learned that the pills given for mental conditions didn’t work for her.

The problem with those who suffer from mental illness is finding a drug that works. Unfortunately, the body builds up resistance to these drugs rather quickly. Psychiatrists and patients must explore and try other drugs continuously to find some relief. Patients who suffering from any psychiatric conditions may feel like a guinea pig when it comes to medications. However, marijuana seems to be the magic substance they all need.

Barr claims that her anxiety is completely gone after ingesting brownies with marijuana in them. She also claims that the multiple personalities that she faces have all but gone under the care of this herb. Could so many people be looking for a miracle pill, and the answer has been growing in the wild for years?

Reasons to Legalize
Those who have any of the conditions above know the reasons why this drug needs to be legalized. It’s an herb that has powerful properties that can change sickness. Some are already using it with great results, but people shouldn’t’ have to face the law to get the help they need.