3 Instant Benefits of Having Your Business Sprayed for Bugs

dead-bugThe typical construction design of many business buildings unfortunately makes them easy targets for bugs to infiltrate. The energy efficient requirements of residential construction often makes them sealed tighter against bug infestations than typical businesses. Fast-food restaurants, convenience stores and some other retail locations are examples of a type of commercial structure that has a limited life expectancy. This is why you see them being torn down and rebuilt in the same spot every so often. Slab construction and economical construction materials to maintain profitability makes some of these structures very inviting to bugs and other pests. Here are three instant benefits for your business if you have it sprayed for bugs.

Passing Inspections
Almost every business has health and safety inspections it must pass. “Most commercial establishments have federal, state and local regulations they must adhere to in order to continue operating,” said Restaurants, social halls, bars, clubs, ice-cream shops and other businesses that serve food or beverages have much more rigorous inspections processes to pass that are conducted more often. Also, the inspections may not be scheduled for when everything is super clean and operating at peak efficiency at your place of business. Spraying your business for bugs on a contracted regular basis takes away one worry. No bugs means no inspection infractions that can close the doors and negatively influence public perception of your business.

Customer Confidence
It does not matter if you are an attorney in an office building or a baker who makes delectable pastries for a living. If your customers see evidence of bugs in your office, bakery, restaurant, gym, salon, store or other place of business, they lose confidence in whatever products or services you are providing. American culture associates any kind of insect infestation with a lack of cleanliness. In fact, there is an entire thesis written on Customer Perceptions of Restaurant Cleanliness. Seeing bugs negatively influences the perception of your business in the minds of your customers, especially if your business is producing any sort of food or drink or is otherwise expected to be clean such as a medical facility. Commercial pest control services for businesses involves regular treatments to keep insects from moving in, taking over, and ruining an otherwise great reputation with customers.

Health Safety of Staff and Customers
It is no secret that insects eat what is readily available to them. A fly that lands on your store’s deli cheese may just have been outdoors sampling roadkill or fecal matter. Mosquitoes are potential vectors for everything from West Nile to Zika. Spiders are beneficial in that they eat insects, but they are not beneficial if they bite staff or customers. Ants are notorious for causing infestations of businesses that are hard to control. The openness of the buildings gives them easy access, and ants follow pheromone trails to find food. Every ant walking back along the pheromone trail with a morsel of food reinforces the scent trail. Though most species are relatively harmless, seeing hundreds or thousands of ants in the lunchroom at work is not psychologically healthy to most staff. Professional spraying of your business for insects and arachnids is a health and safety measure you should adopt as a regular practice.

Scheduled professional spraying your business for bugs is just one of the services that may be beneficial to keeping your commercial building free of pests. Flying insects can be well-controlled using commercial bug zappers that are quiet and look like decorative lighting fixtures. Industrial buildings prone to rodent infestations can have bait stations placed outside to stop rodents before they get in. An additional benefit of professional spraying for bugs is in the safe application of appropriate chemicals to protect staff and customers where indiscriminate use of store-bought insecticides can cause harm.