3 Innovative DNA Hacks

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is a portion of organisms, especially humans, that provides hereditary material. Almost all cells in the human body contain the same DNA, and most of the DNA is found directly in the cell’s center. DNA is helpful for providing us with various information about our genetics, our health, and more. While DNA is cool, there three innovative hacks that you can use to test your DNA, discover from DNA tests, and do with those tests. Here is what you need to know.

1. Family Tree Mapping

One of the biggest hacks for DNA testing is a mapping of the family tree. With either a doctor’s test or a home DNA test, you can map much of your family tree and where they originated. This information is actually pretty useful for helping you find hidden branches of your family tree, discover new family members, or even learn that your next-door neighbor was once married to your aunt. There are surprising benefits from learning about your family tree, and many DNA tests will compare other results online to see if you have any hidden family members that you didn’t know about. Not only will you learn much about your family tree, but you can also learn about your family’s migration movement, ethnicity combinations, and more. Many home DNA tests give you quick results about your personal ethnicity and where you came from many years ago.

2. Your Dog’s DNA

Even if you decide not to test your own DNA, you could always just test your dog to see what his genetic background is like. This is actually a huge hit with those that own dogs. It is more useful than just learning why your dog’s tail is curly or his ears don’t stand up. In fact, you can use this DNA information to better create a training plan to teach them. It can also be useful for understanding their natural tendencies and their nutritional needs, so you can better care for their exercise and nutritional needs. Some people might not choose to go this route, but those that own show breeds or high dollar breeds might choose to learn more about their pup. However, some dog parents are just curious about their pet’s tendencies and needs in various areas of their lives.

3. Losing the Weight

Surprisingly, DNA testing can help some people lose weight. It has been proven in multiple studies that people’s ability to gain and lose weight is determined partially by their genes. In fact, some scientists even suggest that DNA can provide information as to whether we are predisposed to being obese in the future. Some people can even have their children tested to better understand their nutritional needs. The understanding of DNA related weight loss is still fairly new, and scientists are not suggesting anyone jumping on board just yet. However, the future is bright for this DNA option.

Places to Test

If you are interested in getting your DNA tested, there are several ways you can go about it. Most people will go to their doctor and request DNA testing. Your doctor can get your set up, and there are many times that insurance might cover this testing. However, if you aren’t wanting to visit your doctor for the testing, there are home DNA kits that are easy and fairly cheap to use. You simply order the box, wait for it to arrive, gather your DNA sample, and send it back to the company. When they get your DNA sample, they test it, and send you your results either in the mail or in a detailed email.


DNA testing has gone a long way since the beginning of medical science. With DNA testing, we can learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us. While there are many innovations in DNA testing right now, these three hacks are ideal for helping you learn more about yourself, your family history, and even your dog. There are several ways to get your DNA tested that are tried and true ways. You don’t have to fork out much money to do it either. If you are interested in getting your DNA tested, you can find more information from your doctor or a home DNA testing company.