3 Ideas on Effectively Managing Your Time with a Virtual Assistant

Time is money. Everyone know this, but this becomes especially true when you become an entrepreneur. This statement becomes even more true if you are alone in your start-up, working what would be 5 jobs in a regular company all at the same time. So, the question then becomes how to free up more time, time that you can use either for other projects that need done in your company, or just for yourself. This is where virtual assistants can help. Virtual assistants are typically home-based assistants that can help you in a variety of way. In this article, we’ll look at three ways that outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants can help you manage your time as an entrepreneur.

1. Emails

Emails may be the most energy draining part of being an entrepreneur. On top of being energy-draining, dealing with countless emails can also take a large portion of your time. In addition to having to write out responses, there is also the time wasted of sifting through which emails are actually important and require a thoughtful response and those that require a simple generic answer or are just junk and spam emails. This sorting and sifting can drain your time and energy, so why not relegate it to someone else?

A virtual assistant can help you with this sorting and can even copy-paste generic replies when necessary. Manage Life LLC said, “By outsourcing this job to a virtual assistant, you save yourself valuable time and mental energy and ensure that those two things are spent on emails that are actually important.”

2. Scheduling

Preparing a schedule is another task that takes time. This is especially true if you have to call and schedule the appointments yourself. While having a broad overview of what you need to do is good, wasting a large chunk of time working out the specifics is not beneficial to you or your company. So, why not let a virtual assistant do the specifics for you? A virtual assistant can make the phone calls and set up the meetings. This can be incredibly helpful in freeing up your time to use for other more important tasks.

3. Bookkeeping

Keeping track of the books is another task that often takes a lot of time from entrepreneurs who are trying to get their business up and running. It becomes especially hard when trying to juggle and balance four or five other jobs in the company on your own. In addition to this, some individuals’ personalities do not mix well with the task of bookkeeping. Thus, bookkeeping can be tiresome and potentially a problem-area. Here again virtual assistants can help.

While trusting someone else with your company’s books may take a certain level of trust and vulnerability, it can be well worth it. Not having to deal with the stress and organization of calculating numbers can be a great relief. In addition, having a good, succinct overview of your books is always beneficial, as it gives you the ability to make decisions moving forward and peace of mind by knowing how your company stands financially. For more information on emails, scheduling, bookkeeping and other tasks suitable for a virtual assistant, click here.

In the end, time is money. The more time you have available to use, the more money, or even better quality of life, you will have. While the three ideas above give a good idea of the usefulness of a virtual assistant, there are many more valuable tasks that a virtual assistant can perform. Most importantly, however, they free up your time and energy, and by taking off some of your workload, allow you the live the life you want to live.