3 Ideas for Selecting a Company to Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

The most important room in any home is the kitchen. It’s the room in which people gather to visit, to eat, and to cook. It’s the room in which families spend the most time. Kids do their homework at the breakfast bar. Parents visit with a glass of wine and conversation at the end of the day. Cookies are baked, dough is eaten, and memories are made in the kitchen more so than any other room in the house. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and there is no reason people can’t make this room precisely what they want in terms of décor. Don’t settle for a subpar kitchen when you have every option for one that’s much more stylish.

One of the easiest ways to add value to your home and change the face of your kitchen is with a gorgeous new countertop. Solid surfaces such as granite and marble are the most popular, and they always add value to a home. It’s a fairly quick process that doesn’t interrupt your life too much when you decide to have your countertops replaced, and that’s what most people prefer. Now that you know you want to replace your countertops, you must know what to look for hiring someone to do this for you.

1- Call a Professional

There are several options for replacing your countertops. The best is one that specializes in countertop installation. Many companies do this, and it’s the only job they do. They’ll have a warehouse with granite, marble, and other surfaces based on your wants and needs. These companies work by coming to your home to meet with you to find out what you need. They’ll discuss the options with you, measure your kitchen and provide you with the correct measurements.

The next part of the process is to choose the counters you want to have installed. You’ll visit either the countertop installation company’s warehouse or a partner warehouse to choose from dozens of slabs of marble, quartz, and granite. You can pick a few and the company will work to provide you with a final quote. Once you make the decision and sign the paperwork, your counters are chosen, cut, and then they are installed.

2- Ask for Recommendations

Even if you choose a professional counter company rather than someone attempting to DIY the job with their own skills, you want recommendations. Nothing is as dangerous as hiring a company that has a horrible reputation. Ask around to find out who it is people love to work with when they build or remodel their kitchens. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to ensure you get the kind of quality service you want and need.

Referrals go a long way, even if you get more than one. Talk to a few companies to find out who works best with you. You can even have more than one company come to your home and have them all offer quotes to help you make the most comprehensive decision regarding your countertops.

3- Ask for Written Estimates

Do not do business with anyone until and unless they’re happy to provide you with a written estimate regarding your quotes and other options. The last thing you want to do is work with a company that doesn’t offer you a written estimate only to find out they’ve decided to change their terms and prices on you when the job is done. It’s the best way to end up paying more than you originally bargained for, and it’s a good way to end up causing you serious financial stress. Get written estimates from every company you speak to.

Your countertops help make your home more valuable. People love solid surfaces, and they make the resale value of most any home improve dramatically. To ensure you end up getting the best value for your new home improvement, choose colors and patterns that are neutral and timeless. The longer the counters are stylish, the more they are worth for you when it’s time to sell. Light, bright, and neutral are always great options for people who want to do a little home improvement.