3 Crazy Advantages of Having A Glass Shower Door Repaired

There are a lot of things that can make your bathroom look appealing such as having a glass-surrounded shower with barely visible doors. But along with having these showers comes personal maintenance and sometimes repairs in order to keep them looking good. Usually having glass shower doors replaced or even repaired won’t be so large a task that you have to call a home repair contractor, but on occasion there may be special things that need to be done to the doors and panes that may require an expert to come take a look at them. There are several tips that Forbes lists that can help keep the shower doors looking good and minimize the need for repairs.

1- Wiping Down Glass Doors Regularly After Each Use

One thing that can cause damage such as scratches or structural problems in glass shower doors is a buildup of water that stays there after each use. Two of the key cleaning tools Forbes recommends are squeegees and microfiber cloths. A squeegee is a rubber wiper like the ones you’ll find at gas stations when you wash your car, but they are also made for wiping the water out of showers and bathtubs. Good quality squeegees will not cause scratches on the walls, and they’ll prevent etching from happening. Once you’ve wiped down the glass doors and panes on your shower, it’s recommended to use light shower spray cleaners like Tilex and lightly wipe them.

2- When You Need To Heavy Clean The Glass

Some days you just simply don’t have time to do the wiping and light spray cleaning routine on the shower glass, and when your time to clean the shower is limited such as only doing it on the weekend, you may need to use heavier cleaning solutions. There are products available at local home improvement or basic retail stores that have deep stain removers for glass doors, but be careful when using these that you ventilate the room and wear protection such as gloves and possibly safety glasses to avoid eye contact. Some have even said that a mixture of water and baking soda can also do a good cleaning job.

3- Other Preventative Measures

You can usually get a coating of glass wax or various glass water repellant products to apply to your shower. If you’re careful and don’t get it on any metal fixtures or tiled areas, this is a good method for cutting down on wiping times. Keep in mind the wax will need to be reapplied from time to time. You can also stop the spread of white messes on your glass by using a non-bar soap.

Keeping your glass shower doors and panes clean is one step to eliminate repairs, but sometimes you find that they’re absolutely necessary. Such cases are when they fall out of alignment, develop cracks in the panes or start leaking around the seals. If they’ve become severely scratched, you may also want to call a repairman. According to home repair cost expert Improvenet, hiring a home repair contractor to fix the doors could cost anywhere from $55 to $600, but most homeowners pay somewhere between $130 and $200. Dependable Glass said, “Tasks that these contractors do to fix the doors aside from replacing them altogether could include buffing the scratches off, realigning them in the tracts, and resealing them.”

So at the end of the day, what crazy advantages do you gain by having your glass shower doors repaired? Well for one you don’t have to shy away from the glass door luxury shower into the cheap curtain guest room shower when you see stains. Believe it or not, this is more common practice among homeowners and renters than you might think. Second, you won’t have to be embarrassed when you have your friends over and want to show them how nice your home looks including in the bathrooms. And finally, you can touch your hands on the panes and not have to worry about smears showing.